Going Towards the Disaster – Landslide in Bentong – Karak highway


On 11th November 2015, in Karak Highway, Pahang, Malaysia… the rain started to pour. The rain wasn’t too heavy, but it kept going for many hours which eventually caused a massive landslide on the Highway which blocked the road heading towards Kuala Lumpur and also the road heading towards Pahang. During this times of trouble, our state police team, JKR, and many government based bodies came forward quickly to clear up the landslide, redirect cars from the danger and saved those that was trapped in the landslide.

My Lama, Tsem Rinpoche soon came to know of this natural disaster that happened and immediately, with great concern for the government officials that were working in the middle of the night, under the rain; Rinpoche set out with a few students to give some hot drinks and snacks as Rinpoche knew they must be cold and hungry.

It was truly touching to see Rinpoche and his little ‘elves’ running around in the middle of the night, in the rain, and even with a slight risk of danger or getting caught in flash floods and landslides. While everyone ran away from the danger zone, Rinpoche marched in to do whatever He can for the community. The true act of a Bodhisattva, who sees no boundaries or limitations, Rinpoche helps and cares for all regardless of race, religion and social background.

I can’t thank the Buddhas enough for connecting me with such a compassionate Lama and to be amongst Dharma brothers and sisters who are so devoted to the Dharma, which is the teaching on how we can be an absolutely awesome person =)


Kecharians giving out hot drinks and snacks to the government disaster relief team

Kecharians giving out hot drinks and snacks to the government disaster relief team

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche personally handing out food to the policemen

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche personally handing out food to the policemen

Packing hot drinks to be handed out to the police

Packing hot drinks to be handed out to the police

Appreciating their effort, Rinpoche make sure they have hot drinks while they work to clear the landslide in Bentong

Appreciating their effort, Rinpoche make sure they have hot drinks while they work to clear the landslide in Bentong

Rinpoche personally picking out snacks from 7-11 for the police

Rinpoche personally picking out snacks from 7-11 for the police

Although the situation in Bentong was not good, Rinpoche went out personally to give a helping hand if needed

Although the situation in Bentong was not good, Rinpoche went out personally to give a helping hand if needed


H.E Tsem Rinpoche speaks about Dorje Shugden

There are just some things in life that we must appreciate, and one of these is the truth being unfolded right before our eyes. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have watched this video of Rinpoche, a video where for the first time, Rinpoche explained in detail about the implications of the ban on Dorje Shugden. I have watched the videos and even read the transcript several times… each time, picking up new points. It is like when you watch an amazing movie, you tend to miss a few good parts of the movie and only spot them on a second watch. And like all good movies, you make a video response to shout out to the whole world how much you love it!

Only in this case, it’s not a shout out for a fictitious movie, but a shout out for the bravery, strength and great compassion that Rinpoche displayed here, just to get the truth out to the public. Why brave? Why compassionate? Because there is no gain in speaking this truth and making this video for Rinpoche, in fact, making this video only puts Rinpoche in a more difficult position as many would openly attack Rinpoche for sharing his experience and views.

Read Rinpoche’s blog post and watch the video here: http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/buddhas-dharma/who-is-dorje-shugden-to-me.html

Some of us that come across this video may think… why is it even important for any of us to know about the truth of Dorje Shugden? For me, yeah it’s important because it’s my practice… but for others, who are not practitioners, who do not directly or indirectly receive harm, discrimination or cyber bullied; why would this matter to them?

Perhaps it wont to some… but I believe that we have come to an era, where people has a high standard of morality and are striving for compassion, irregardless of what belief system we adhere to… and because of that, we see so many causes online, supported by the good people of the world. And because no one likes to see a man being outcasted by his own community just because he holds a different opinion, I believe… more people would support Rinpoche’s views… that it is time for reconciliation to happen.

I hope that, after watching Rinpoche’s videos… people would take more active steps to aid Dorje Shugden practitioners in removing this ban… and it begins with the absence of discrimination.

If we look back in history… there were so many classes of people that were discriminated… people of color, gender discrimination on women, people with deformities, people of different religion…. In most cases, it brought about heavy consequences that resulted in the loss of many lives… and it was allowed to fester to such boiling point because no one dared to speak up…. and it was also brought to an end because someone stood up, and many lent their support. I hope that one day, when I’m 60, I can look back and think, I have made good use of my life for supporting a vision that is more than myself.

Beyond Kindness


I remember this picture… it was one of the late nights we spent with #tsemtulku to compile the Dorje Shugden Retreat instructions http://goo.gl/1PJ95F

The retreat instruction did not come easy… it may look neat and nice right now on the blog, but a lot of hard work went behind it especially from Rinpoche.

It is a precious retreat instruction composed by Rinpoche… and I remember it clearly, how Rinpoche got up from his chair and took a few cushions to sit on the floor with us. Eventhough Rinpoche knew he will have difficulty getting up later, and Rinpoche have much pain when seated on the floor’s hard surface… but because Rinpoche wanted to make sure the instructions was heard and taken without mistakes, Rinpoche sat on the floor anyway.

I think another reason why Rinpoche sat on the floor instead of on the couch to compose the retreat text is because of humility and deep respect for the practice. This is my assumption, but I believe strongly that this is one of the reasons too.

Rinpoche sat on the floor… and thought deeply on how He can shorten the traditional Dorje Shugden retreat for busy people like us and yet allow the retreat to retain the desired results. Here, we all saw… how caring Rinpoche is… If you think the recent gifts that many people received from Rinpoche reflects Rinpoche’s thoughtfulness… then may I correct you, as that is only 1% of Rinpoche’s thoughtfulness seen on the surface.

Rinpoche’s true generocity, care and thoughtfulness is seen in the Dharma teachings that Rinpoche gave us… and in this case, Dorje Shugden retreat instructions. We as ordinary beings cant even begin to have an idea on how many angles Rinpoche must have thought about, thinking about people’s situations and problems which may deter them from doing the practice… and after taking all these into consideration, Rinpoche composed a short and condensed retreat. And it is here that I saw what it means to care for others… how we can care for others… as the retreat text compiled is Rinpoche’s gift to everyone in the world.

I am truly greatful to have Rinpoche… If it wasn’t for Rinpoche’s kindness in compiling such a short retreat text, not many would be able to engage in this practice.

But it does make me sad… as it shows me how degenerated times are and the time that many are willing to allocate for spiritual practice… which is very little.

So, I hope that the next time you engage in a Dorje Shugden retreat… remember it’s authenticity and how lucky we are to receive a practice from an unbroken lineage… how much work was put into it. Dont complain that it is too lengthy because this is as short as it gets. And remember… how much time we put in into our practice, is how much we will transform spiritually.

Wishing you a happy retreat, in advance.

An Examplary Student


It doesnt matter who you are or what you are… if you’re a student of #tsemtulku, Rinpoche will make sure you work extra hard to benefit others.

In this picture, on Rinpoche’s right is a loyal and dedicated student of Rinpoche. He and his two sons are also very kind and humble sponsors of KFR… as you can see instead of expecting a red carpet, they bought their own working boots and walked in the mud. They were even on the land to supervise the constructions although they have busy schedules themselves.

Some people may say… well since I have sponsored the temple, lets just leave it to another person to do the work. But those who think this way unfortunately, does not derive the full benefit of meeting a lama and the Dharma.

As stated in the Lamrim, offerings of material wealth, while it is wonderful it is still the lowest offering one can give to the Buddhas. And these kind sponsors realized that through learning from Rinpoche… they gave not only materially, but also their effort as they know the benefits of Dharma service… and along with that, they offered their lama the greatest offering, mind transformation.

In the end, they were polished into wonderful Dharma practitioners and became selfless. Because when they were tired, they overcame it with determination… when they didnt understand certain things, they took the trouble to learn… they did all of that to build KFR, a place where many will meet the Dharma.

I guess sometimes I like telling some stories about people around my Lama… because only an incredibly compassionate and wise being can guide another to be compassionate and wise.

The Lama who builds wonders


Before Kechara Forest Retreat (KFR) http://goo.gl/PKkdDy became what it is today, #tsemtulku and many dedicated students worked very hard. There were no roads, no buildings… only mud and dirt.

Perhaps many of us have forgotten how our Lama would walk around KFR, supervising the construction at day light, and staying up late at night to look through building plans, AND at the same time teach us the Dharma through the blog and even personal advice. Or perhaps some of us are new students, who werent there when KFR first started.

Yes, our lama work so hard for the Dharma, and it is not for himself, but for us and the many people that would be benefited from learning the Dharma in the future. After all, life would be so much easier if Kechara just remained as it was… but that would mean less people would benefit from the Dharma.

A Bodhisattva is someone that is constantly working to eliminate the suffering of beings… and from looking at my lama’s actions, my lama’s wants to spread the Dharma which we all know is the medicine to our samsaric sufferings… tells me a lot about my Lama’s qualities.

So the next time you visit KFR, remember this… it is a holy land where Dorje Shugden himself gave us signs that the Dharma would grow from here… and know that Rinpoche have poured a great deal of effort into making it the place we can practice the Dharma today. Appreciate and feel fortunate… KFR was built by Rinpoche… for you.

Gifts from the heart


If u hv received a gift fr #tsemtulku before, then know that a lot of care, thoughts and love was put into it. #buddhism #buddha #dharma #zen #spiritual #spirituality http://goo.gl/vqXec8

Rinpoche have always been known for His great generosity and care for students and anyone that are sincere in the Dharma. It is through this great generosity, motivated by the thought to benefit others spiritually that Rinpoche have conceptualized various departments in Kechara and also work very hard in maintaining Rinpoche’s blog… where many receive the Dharma for free at very little effort… in fact, at just a click away at the comfort of your home.

Generosity is not only seen in the material things that Rinpoche present to us, but it is the precious teachings of the Dharma which Rinpoche have tirelessly wrote and spoke about ever since Rinpoche was instructed to teach us the Dharma (by HE Lati Rinpoche). After all, all material things are impermanent, but the teachings that Rinpoche give us… that will last for many lifetimes until enlightened.

So if you have benefited from Rinpoche’s teachings, dont be miserly with your thanks. Extend your thank you messages on Rinpoche’s blog, Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

Rinpoche certainly does not want praises from us as Rinpoche does all of these unconditionally. But who know, maybe your sincere comments would touch someone’s heart and help them have confidence to start on a spiritual path.

Stop Hating and Move On


People that think that Kechara is making a huge issue out of these negative issues by Ex-Kecharians, are hugely mis-informed.

In life, people come and people go, it is part and parcel of life. Even in our own personal lives, how many people have walked away from us and how many people have became new friends with us? Does that make us a bad person just because some people are not friends with us anymore? Maybe in certain cases, but most of the time it is due to differences that makes one part ways.

The one person that I have seen stayed firm all these time is Rinpoche. Rinpoche’s motivation to bring Dharma to countless of beings will continue for a thousand years. And if there is anyone that have left the organization, then it is just sad to say that their purpose and vision has changed throughout the years of service in the name of Dharma… To say it uglily is that ‘They didn’t get what they thought they would’… and that has caused great bitterness to arise in them. Because one thing is for sure, Rinpoche never stopped spreading the Dharma. On the other hand, what have these hater done post-Kechara besides spreading more hate and malice.

In the secular world, what these Ex-Kecharians did will never be tolerated. In fact, in the secular perspective, wouldn’t you be happy to be free of a ‘bad employer’? Imagine if you were greatly pressured in your work place and you decided to jump ship to another company, the happiest day would be the day you leave that crappy office to start a new day in a new company, and you would never look back and continue merrily with your own life. And if ever there was a disgruntled employee, a secular company would have no qualms in handling the issue with legal matters.

But in Kechara, our tolerance level is high. Not because the people in Kechara are ignorant and idiotic, but because we practice spirituality… Many times the decisions made are not based on getting fame or profit, but how it can help the other person’s spirituality… and sometimes, even at the cost of Kechara’s good name, like what Kechara and Rinpoche is facing right now.

So why is this so? I can tell you simply, it’s because being spiritual, we know innately everyone has their good nature. But due to the conditions of karma… the karma that ripened upon them caused these negative outbursts. Some that left allowed this karma to pass and later return… while other that left continue to turn this vicious cycle of negative karma and end up no where in either secular world or spiritually. Ask any Dharma practitioner and they will tell you they hold no hate for these people… no matter how much bad they have done to Kechara.

But when it comes to the matter of our Lama’s safety, that is a whole different issue by itself. Let’s not even talk about the whole ‘bad karma for them’ talk… but lets look at the many people that will be deprived of Dharma because of these lot, thinking their ‘bruised ego’ is more important than the many people that will benefit from Rinpoche and Kechara. Or let’s not even talk about spirituality, but even in a secular sense… as a human being, how can threatening someone’s life, and attempts to destroy one’s life work – be something positive?

I hope these people will stop thinking about fulfilling their own selfish hatred, and for once, think for others.

Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others – Buddha.

It’s about time they take the Buddha’s advice for their own happiness.