One of the best thing to do during your insomnic nights is creating a blog and writing your thoughts in it.

I am having one of those nights right now, and no matter how much I toss and turn, like a child demanding for her favorite toy… sleep just does not come easy.

I wonder if there are many people out there that’s having the same case of chronic insomnic experiences… Personally, I know a few people that would beg for a Xanax tablet just because they are unable to sleep at night but still need to wake early in the morning to attend important meetings. In that way, I find myself very fortunate, to have such flexible working hours that I do not have to worry if I have an episode of a sleepless night.

So… can’t sleep tonight? Hurray! Lets do tomorrow’s work today! Aint that positive…

Whatever it is, I just hope these sleepless nights do not become a problem. It is fine if I can’t sleep every now and then, but if it becomes a habit… that would be troublesome. As it is now, people are saying “why do you look so tired?”… When honestly speaking, I actually feel very fine and wide awake… Oh well, guess I was born with a sleepy/droopy face.