The Buddha and The Moon


The nature of Buddha can be simply seen by the nature of the moon.

When the moon sets for the day, people say the moon has disappeared. When the moon rises, people say it has appeared. But the truth is, the moon never appeared or disappeared, it continued to shine in the sky at all times.

People give names to the phases of the moon… from the crescent to full moon. But the truth is, the moon is always round, neither waxing nor waning.

The moon follows us everywhere, regardless of what we’re doing, where we go, or what we think. From people’s point of view, their thoughts of the moon may change. But truth is, the moon does not change.

And so, one can say the aspects of the Buddha can be explained by looking at the moon.

The Buddha does not appear nor disappear, but only does so out of compassion and as lessons to be learnt.

He may seem to change in appearance, but in truth he does not change for enlightenment is not bound by physical appearance.

He follows us and guides us in this world in all of its ever changing circumstances. But his essense never change.

Whether one believes in the Buddha, or whether the Buddha is present or appear not to… His existance is independant of our thoughts and belief, filling every corner of the universe, existing forever.


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