In the presence of a Buddha


As my Lama spoke to a respectable guest, a firm Dharma practitioner of 40 years… My Lama says: “These (gesturing the whole of my Lama’s organisation) are just buildings… What I truly hope is for my students to gain attainments and realizations through their Dharma practice”

And at that point, a thought just arised… I’m sitting infront of a Buddha. For how can anyone who mention these words, with full sincerity that moved many to tears, not be a Bodhisattva?
This is not something that is said once, but Rinpoche has mentioned it several times… About making Kechara a place where the study of Dharma continues for a long time. Just having a temple is great for people to make offerings to the Buddhas to collect merits… But the true value of a spiritual institute is where people can learn the Dharma and through that, be on the road to enlightenment.

For a moment, I was dazed… Drowned by the amazement on how lucky I was to be there. And at that moment, I also knew, I have been neglecting my Lama in my heart and practice, which if not, thesd thoughts would always prevail in my mind.

Never take for granted your Vajra master, alwayd reflect on His great kindness in showing us the right path to freedom. After all, if there is no Lama…. There is no Buddha, Dharma and Sangha…

Sarah Yap


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