The Meaning of Dharma


What is Dharma?

Dharma is a word that many people use but perhaps not too sure of its meaning. Some people know it as the teachings of the Buddha. Some people say it is a way of life. While some thinks its just merely lighting a candle and an incense everyday.

In Sanskrit, Dharma means ‘the instructions that hold us back from suffering’. The Buddha taught us the 4 nobel truths, where He reveals to us the root of suffering up to the point of how we can severe it into non existance. This is not something made up, but it has been in existance from beginningless time, the Buddha reveals to us what was already the nature of our reality.

But practicing Dharma, has to be accurate. For our fault finding mind can find wrong even in the perfect Buddha just like Devadatta, thus if not careful, one can find fault with the Dharma or worst, to use it as a diversion and strenghten our attachments.

It is due to this, that the guidance of a teacher is essential. Once found a sincere teacher, as a student, listen with the absence of the 8 worldly concerns for it to be the most powerful medicine in eliminating all sufferings.

Gaining happiness have always been all sentient beings’ goal in life. No one would aspire to grow up into a life ridden with suffering. Unfortunately, without Dharma, our limited wisdom pushes us to alter our environment continuously to accomodate our perception of happiness.

But when one receives Dharma teachings and practices the instructions of one’s lama, then one’s mind is nourished with equanimity and compassion, allowing us to remain happy regardless of one’s external conditions.

These, is what I, a lowly practitioner wish to achieve. To achieve ultimate freedom from the mind that brings suffering.