My Refuge


Yesterday I took refuge in myself,
The day before that I took refuge in anger,
And the day before that, I took refuge in laziness,
And the day before that, I took refuge in hatred.
Today is a new day, and I’ll be taking refuge in my choices.

It doesnt end. As long as we’re breathing, we take refuge in something.

So, what’s our object of refuge?

Taking Refuge by Pabongka Rinpoche




There is no place I have not been,
There is no circumstances I have not experienced.

I have tasted the best wines,
I have lived magnificent lives that one can only dream of,
I have felt the extremes of sufferings, and
I have lived excruciating pain filled lives.

In the end, all I went through life after life, doesnt matter.
Good or bad, I still ended up where I am today,
And now I feel like a old piece of movie, too bored to see the same drama played over and over again.

Understanding the truth of life, is not meaningful enough,
Knowing the method to get out of this cyclic existence is precious.
But what is my conviction of getting out of samsara?
When the key to unlock the methods to freedom is kept for tomorrow’s use.

Failing to apply the Dharma today, tomorrow will never come.
Applying the Dharma today, then there is no need for tomorrow.